The Benefits of On-Site Drug Testing

As an employer, accurate drug and alcohol testing of potential and current employees assist you with maintaining a high level of integrity and safety in your workplace. On-site drug and alcohol testing bring our laboratory right to your workplace, saving your company’s time and money.

Save Precious Time

Bringing a drug and alcohol collection center and laboratory directly to your business is a key benefit. The process of collecting or sending samples offsite takes a lot of time. Since your employees won’t be required to take personal or paid time to drive to a drug testing facility and do the tests, they can stay at work longer. Additionally, on-site drug and alcohol testing can deliver the results quickly. For the convenience of you and your employees, most testing facilities can test your entire company in a single day.

Save Money

Employees won’t need to leave the workplace for the drug and alcohol testing, so they’ll be able to return to work quickly. In return, you will have reduced loss of productivity and associated profit losses that are usually connected to offsite testing. Additionally, you won’t need to reimburse employees for mileage or incur transportation costs to send your employees to a separate location for sample collection. Costs that might have been incurred from their individual traveling to and from the lab are saved.

Prevents Cheating

Although cheating on a drug or alcohol test is tough, determined employees may find a way. By opting for on-site drug and alcohol testing, you ensure your results are accurate and up-to-date because employees are tested immediately. Without an opportunity to wait for drugs and alcohol to naturally leave the body or acquire drug-free samples, it is much more difficult to cheat.

On-site testing also lets all employees be tested at once. This is called bulk testing and is advantageous because when all individuals are tested without prior notice the results are more accurate. Employees under reasonable suspicion will have very little time to tamper with their results, since there was no announcement. On-site drug testing allows for many tests to be done on a single day, so the entire process is efficient and pain-free.

Drug tests have a positive outcome; resulting in improved productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer accidents and consequently lower insurance claims and compensations. Happy employees mean a happier workplace!


The office of Dr. Michael Givens DC, CME is pleased to offer onsite drug and alcohol testing in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

You can find out more about all of our drug testing solutions or schedule employee drug and alcohol testing for your business when you visit us on the web. Our staff can be reached by calling 573-651-8686 for more information.

Our Services include:  DOT and Non-DOT Testing, Social & Family, Judicial (Court Ordered), Random Drug Testing, Post Accident Testing, Pre-Employment Functional Testing, Reasonable Suspicion, On-Site Employee Testing, Paternity Testing

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