Top 10 Most Imaginative Justifications for FAILED Drug Tests

For employers, drug and alcohol testing is a valuable part of employment screening both before and after hire. While employers may feel that passing a drug and alcohol test is simple, some applicants feel differently. However, some applicants and employees fail the tests. And instead of choosing to be honest about their drug and alcohol use, they come up with ludicrous excuses that usually make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Here are some of the funniest reasons people have come up with!Here are the top 10 most imaginative justifications for failed drug tests:

10. I was at the dentist recently. They gave me pain meds. That’s why I tested positive for cocaine.
9. I smoked pot at a Christmas party last year. (It was October when the drug test was administered.).
8. I was in a wheelchair and must have rolled over a bit of marijuana and it got on my fingers.
7. I got in a wreck over two years back, and they gave me pain relievers for my back, but I don’t have the bottle anymore.
6. I was attacked by a recluse spider.
5. I buy hair shampoo from China, and I think there are opiates in that.
4. I was advised I was going to be laid off for four months. It was their mistake that they called me back in one week and tested me.
3. Must definitely have been in the wedding cake.
2. I was carrying a joint in my pocket. It was strong. It must have rubbed through the pocket to my leg, and my leg soaked up the pot.
1. I should not have used another person’s urine.

Although these answers are without a doubt hilarious, it goes to show how essential drug and alcohol testing can be; as what an employee or job candidate says can often be divergent from what they do!


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