Is There A Difference Between Generic And Branded Drugs?

Generic drugs do not differ drastically from their branded equivalents. All drugs are carefully regulated in exactly the same way to ensure they have the exact amount of active ingredient alongside suitable inactive ingredients and are manufactured and produced in a very similar method.

The generic drug ought to be shown to be bioequivalent to the branded alternative. It must be proven to release precisely the very same amount of active ingredient over the exact same time scale.

The differences often lie primarily in the appearance of the drug. A branded drug may produce pills which have a nice flavor and color, but the generic version will usually not contain barely more than the active ingredient.

There should as a result be minimal variation to the patient between generic and branded drugs. Both must go through the exact same regulators. Generics have some advantages over the branded alternatives, however.

The branded drug is commonly the very first of it’s type to be developed, and so the company spends a considerable amount of money on developing, testing and patenting it’s new drug and they are usually more expensive.

Generic drugs appear as soon as a patent has expired, or in uncommon cases are different enough from the original to get around the patent while still accomplishing the same job.

Generic drugs with just scaled-down development and manufacture prices are usually significantly less costly and as such are more likely to be prescribed by a physician. Affordability leads to higher availability, especially to people in poorer countries.

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