6 Reasons You Need To Be Taking D.O.T. Compliance Seriously

The DOT is not bent on making your daily life difficult. Sure, sometimes it seems like the guidelines are stupid and are only around to make life more difficult for you. But the majority of the rules are there to safeguard your drivers and others from preventable accidents. Profits are important, but absolutely nothing is more important than another person’s entire life.

You can get shut down

Let’s say you’re sloppy with taking care of inspection reports. You pick up the sheets and certainly never really look at them, therefore a maintenance issue has been missed. You might go several months without a mishap, and one day it just comes about. When the investigator can prove negligence, you could be closed down for days or weeks each time; sometimes permanently.

It’s expensive to get fined
Violations can easily accumulate fast. A basic example of this is when companies don’t verify former employers during the course of the hiring process. One might just think, “It’s no big deal” at the time. However the moment you’re audited, you are going to get fined for every driver that you failed to run through the proper steps. Sometimes the overall of the fines exceeds what you would probably have paid for an administrator to do it for you.

You could be held specifically to blame
The majority of individuals assume that everything that occurs on company time is not their own problem. The issue with that is, it’s totally not right. If there really is an accident, there is a pretty good chance a lawsuit is coming. If you’re in charge of just about anything safety or compliance related, you best assume your good name will appear in the lawsuit. It’s not uncommon that a compliance manager can have charges filed against them for something they could have prevented. That’s the reason why it’s critical to voice your problems to your management in writing.

A drug clear environment is healthy for you and your business
Knowing the depart of Transportations (DOT) published final rules and the use of the new Federal Custody and Control Form (CFF) and reporting for confirmed positive drug/drug metabolite quantitations to the Medical Review Officer is crucial. MRO’s will likely be including MDMA, MDA, and MDEA verified positives. Employers will continue to provide– on their annual MIS reports– the number of verified positive drug test results in every testing category (i.e., Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP). Drug and alcohol testing is the most effective way to deter substance abuse in your workplace, and the fastest way to strengthen employee functionality and minimize employment expenses.

It’s the correct thing to do
We understand how necessary it is to make sure your organization is productive. Nevertheless, there is nothing more important than preserving the well-being of other people. We know that you don’t wake up in the daytime thinking; “hmmm, I think I am going to put a driver in a truck so he can get in a crash and wound people”. The trouble is that the majority of people don’t think that a crash will happen ever. Although the policies sometimes appear to be out of line or even ridiculous in some cases. Most of the rules are in reaction to crashes that have already occurred.

Remain compliant, go above and beyond the regulations to ensure your drivers and trucks are the safest they can possibly be. Collisions happen, but crashes can be protected against with effective procedures in effect.


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